The Collective

The Collective – A Super Hero Podcast Network

The Collective was started by a few like-minded podcasters who wanted to network in the most traditional sense.

It has become a repository for ideas, cross-overs and potential guest appearances. If you are liking Into the Knight, please be sure to check out the podcasts below too! Each are highly recommended if you enjoy the content on our show –


Logo Podcast Website
ATTILAN.jpg Attilan Rising – The Inhumans Podcast Attilan Rising Website
CAPES AND LUNATICS Capes and Lunatics Capes and Lunatics YouTube
cloak and dagger Cloak and Dagger Podcast Cloak and Dagger Website
DTVP Defender TV Podcast Defenders TV Podcast Website
GSP Geek Street Podcast Geek Street Podcast Podcast Page
IAYTD I Am Your Target Demographic IAYTD Website
ID Inner Demons – A Ghost Rider Podcast Vengeance Unbound Blog Spot
ITK logo-new-v2-jpg Into the Knight – A Moon Knight Podcast Into the Knight Blog Site
MMA.jpg Mixed Marvel Arts Mixed Marvel Arts Website
NAMOR The Namor Podcast The Namor Podcast Website
SOD Signal of Doom Signal of Doom FB Page
 IIF Sons of the Dragon – The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast Sons of the Dragon Website
UNCANNY NERD Uncanny Nerdverse Uncanny Nerdverse Patreon Site
WE HAVE A HULK We Have a Hulk We Have a Hulk Website